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SNAP Wraps
Welcome to SNAP Wraps

(download this chart here)

1) Begin at "Point A" middle of the back (spine) just above where the hips are and go around the belly back to point A. Make a note of the inches for "Waist".

2) Measure from "Point A" through the legs to "Point B". Make a note of the inches for "Stride".

3) Measure from "Point A" to tail base (if a tail hole is required). Make a note of the inches for "Tail Hole".

When ordering diapers, please put your measurements in the text field below as indicated, separated by commas. Then "Add to Cart." We have to charge $.01 for this service because PayPal makes us. Sorry.

Waist, Stride, Tail Hole

Ordering Kitty Kombos

Our Girls Kitty Kombos include the following items:

  • 1 Diaper (as featured)
  • 1 Bow (as featured)
  • 1 Skirt (as featured)
  • 3 Absorbent Pads
  • Choose the Kitty Kombo you’d like by clicking on the image. A pop-up window will appear like the "Kitty Kombo #2" example below.

    Shopping Example


  • Size
  • Tail Hole (yes or no)
  • Click the "Add to Cart" button. Your order should appear in the same PayPal browser window that your measurement numbers are in. (Each additional item you order will appear in this same PayPal browser window.) Please make sure everything is listed correctly in your cart. If you’re finished shopping, continue to “Check Out” in the PayPal browser window. If you need to shop more (don’t we all!), close the Kitty Kombo pop-up window and continue on.

    NOTE: If you'd like to order more than one of the same Kitty Kombo, when you "Check Out" on PayPal there's a little square box under "Quantity". Simply change that number to however many you'd like.

    Ordering Individual Diapers, Skirts & Bows

    Click on a print that you want to order. A pop-up window will appear like the "Cheetah" example below.

    Shopping Example

    In that pop-up window will be all of your choices for that print:

  • Starter Kit = 4 diapers & 15 Pads
  • Diaper & 3 Pads
  • Diaper Shell Only
  • Skirt
  • Bow
  • Starter Kit – This is our most economical choice. And you can mix and match prints if you want. Pick the size diaper you want. Make sure to click on Tail Hole "Yes" or "No." Then, if you’d like to choose additional prints, add up to three prints in the “List Additional Prints Here” text box. Remember, the starter kit has a limit of four prints. You can also write instructions like: I want two of these, and two Bright Leopard. Once you’ve specified your Starter Kit Order, hit “Add To Cart.”

    If you'd like to order another item in the same print, go back to the pop-up window to order it. For example, you may want a "Bow" in that print. Or how about a skirt to match. Or vise versa. Choose a skirt in a contrasting print or solid color. Have fun! Play with your combinations! Your kitty will be stylin!

    The other choices in the print pop-up windows are fairly straight forward. But if you have any questions please email Terri and she’ll get right back to you.

    You can order more absorbent pads by scrolling down and clicking on the “Pads” image.

    Once you’re ready to check out, make sure everything is listed correctly in your PayPal shopping cart. It’s easy to remove something if you need to or cancel the whole order if you want. And you can change the "Quantity of any item by changing the number in the quantity box during "Check Out." Let’s say you want to add another Bow in the same print as you have ordered, you don’t have to go back to our page and use the pop-up window again. Simply change the “1” to a “2” in the “Quantity” section.

    Don't Worry if you make a mistake. If the order has been submitted and you need to delete it, just drop SNAP Wraps an eMail and we'll take care of whatever you need.


    The number of diapers/skirts/bows you'll go through on a daily basis will vary depending on your cat(s), how often you can launder the diapers/skirts/bows and, well, the kind of day your kitty is having. If you're able to change your kitty every three-to-four hours, unless there's a bad mess, you can probably use one shell a day, and then the number of pads = how many changes. For example, on a good day our resident SNAP Cat, Squeek, goes through two-to-three pads. On a bad day we give up counting after six! The best plan (and value) is to order our "Starter Kit" because four shells and 15 pads can realistically last three-to-five days. Our shells wash in the sink and hang dry and are ready to go the next morning, so you'll never be out of shells or pads.


    We also offer additional absorbent pads for purchase. Click on the image above to order.


    If you already have Fancy Pants, our skirts will fit them perfectly. You just need to order the right size for your diaper. Skirt size = diaper size.

    However, our bows will not attach to your Fancy Pants. Our diapers are fitted with special snaps for the bows. So if you'd like diapers with bows you'll have to order our diapers.


    California sales tax is included in our price for orders within California. We have a flat rate shipping cost of $10. So if you order a lot you get a better deal! We ship USPS Priority mail with Insurance and tracking. Within the U.S., please allow 2-3 weeks from the time you place your order to the time your order is shipped. For international shipping you must contact us when you order. We’ll invoice you separately through PayPal. You will have a choice of Regular Post or Priority with Insurance. Depending on Country of receipt, ship time may be 3-4 weeks. You may receive your items quicker based on our volume at the time.

    Cancellation of your order must occur prior to item(s) being in production. Since your order is made exclusively for you, for obvious reasons we do not accept returns. However, your local shelter or rescue will greatly appreciate the donation of your SNAP Wraps for their special needs kitties. Thank you for your understanding.

    If you need your order expedited, or you have any questions/concerns regarding your order, please email Terri at Fancy Pants 4 Pets and she'll do the best she can to accommodate you. She has graciously agreed to be our point person on orders. Other questions, like website problems or PayPal problems, please email SNAP Wraps at: info@snapwwraps.org.


    At check out on PayPal you’ll have the option to send a comment with your order. If you need any extra tailoring or have special instructions for Terri please leave them in the comments box. We know some of you are already Fancy Pants customers and Terri needs special instructions for your kitty. Thank you.


    SNAP Cats has worked very closely with Terri Morgan at Fancy Pants 4 Pets. Terri has helped design our products and strongly supports our new line of SNAP Wraps© for Girls and Boys. We pay Fancy Pants 4 Pets full retail price for our SNAP Wraps products. We mark-up the price a bit because your purchase is a donation to SNAP Cats, a rescue and sanctuary for special needs cats. SNAP Cats is a 501(c)(3) which means your SNAP Wraps purchase is tax deductible. So your purchase is not only supporting SNAP Cats, it's also supporting Fancy Pants 4 Pets.

    Thank you for your support!

    SNAP Wraps
    Preset Combinations For Your Kitty

    SNAP Wraps Kombo Kit #1

    GIRLS KITTY KOMBO #1: Strawberries with Red Bow
    (click on image to order)

    SNAP Wraps Kombo Kit #2

    GIRLS KITTY KOMBO #2: Sea Creatures with Butter Yellow Bow
    (click on image to order)

    SNAP Wraps Kombo Kit #2

    GIRLS KITTY KOMBO #3: Lady Bugs with Solid Poppy Diaper
    (click on image to order)

    Girls Fashions Modeled By: ROPA


    Click on prints to order


    Bubble Gum






    Royal Blue



    Click on prints to order

    Bright Leopard

    Cartoon Cats


    Lady Bugs

    Peace Flowers

    Sea Creatures



    Click on prints to order

    Girl Pirates

    Modern Abstract

    Pink Fizz

    Pretty Pennants


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    SNAP Cats, Inc.