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SNAP Wraps
Welcome to SNAP Wraps©

SNAP Wraps© are the stylish way to keep your special needs kitty dry and happy, while keeping your home clean and odor free. Our diapers are extremely absorbent, waterproof and machine washable, while our ACCESSORIES are light, durable and easy to clean. No more ugly disposables and snail trails on your floors. SNAP Wraps© are the smart and economical solution for you and your special needs kitty.

SNAP Wraps© are made for us by Fancy Pants 4 Pets, the leader in quality, hand-made diapers and drag bags. Each item is hand-sewn per order, with great attention paid to every detail.


SNAP Wraps are trimmer than normal pet diapers, with a streamlined look and feel. Our diapers incorporate a super-absorbent, eco-friendly pad with added absorption power called ZORB. This is our “secret weapon!” There are two layers of waterproofing - the shell itself, and an additional inner lining. The pad attaches with Velcro to the inside of the shell just in front of the tail hole and tucks into a pocket at the waistband. Less bulk, the shell dries quickly, pads and shells are washer-friendly, and it’s easy to change pads. Cleaning instructions are included with your order.

(download this chart here)

1) Begin at "Point A" middle of the back (spine) just above where the hips are and go around the belly back to point A. Make a note of the inches for "Waist".

2) Measure from "Point A" through the legs to "Point B". Make a note of the inches for "Stride".

3) Measure from "Point A" to tail base (if a tail hole is required). Make a note of the inches for "Tail Hole".

When ordering diapers, please put your measurements in the text field below as indicated, separated by commas. Then "Add to Cart." We have to charge $.01 for this service because PayPal makes us. Sorry.

Waist, Stride, Tail Hole

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SNAP Wraps
What Our Customers Are Saying

"Thank you sooooo much for the SNAP Wraps!! It is a relief to know that I don't have to worry about Scooter wearing baby diapers which are heavy and weigh him down. Scooter has severe CH, and is learning how to walk despite his disability. The moment I switched him to SNAP Wraps he darted off and starting playing and scooting quicker than ever. These wraps are worth every penny! My mom and I are going to purchase more for him this week, but I think we are going to go up a size as he's already starting to grow out of these. SNAP Wraps, you are the best!!!! Scooter sends his kitten hugs and kisses." - Jillian Christina

Scooter in His SNAP Wraps


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